Welcome to the world of DCLXVI. Patrick Fernandes, the driving force behind DCLXVI, brings you a stimulating mix of chaotic sound, corrosive noise, and complete mayhem. DCLXVI began in 1998 as a vocal-only noise project, it has since evolved into a daring, experimental assault on the ears. Every single DCLXVI track is an entire universe by itself. The violent, yet soothing experimental sounds of DCLXVI promise to take you on an unforgettable journey through a disturbingly beautiful world of auditory pleasure. For even more information on DCLXVI please check out the official DCLXVI website.


Releases by DCLXVI on Negatron:
"Le Poison Fantastique"
Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-026
Le Poison Fantastique Structured noise in your face from Montana's very own DCLXVI. more info
"Thank You For The Memories"
Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-017
Thank You For The Memories Computer generated noise from Montana's very own DCLXVI. Suprises around every corner. Yikes! more info