Dyslexis Coup

Dyslexis Coup

Knowable, attainable
spirt, energy, matter
all-powerful, all-present
matter can be neither created nor destroyed
unity of creator and created
self mus be known to be transcended

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Dyslexis Coup / Xome Split

"Dyslexis Coup / Xome Split"
Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-007

A most intriguing venture with two of the world's most talked about dissonant sound artists. The D.C. side includes a strange and meaningful trip into the socially incorrect world of cacophony. When your head stops spinning, turn the tape over for another dose of harsh electronic screams and atonal detonations by the folks at XOME. A must for weird music freaks. Click on this to go to the Dyslexis Coup page. more info