Various "Cock E.S.P. / Xome Split"

Cock E.S.P. / Xome Split

Released: 1996

Genre: Harsh Noise

Label: Negatron Heavy Industries

Catalog No: NEG-006

This collaboration of sorts includes one fresh and fuzzy side by the fabled COCK E.S.P. from Minnesota, USA and one additional side by XOME, the up and coming, mostly coming, electronic noise outfit from Tokyo, Japan. The COCK E.S.P. side includes a mysterious adventure into pseudo-reality and broken equipment. Flip the tape over to find a couple of squeaks and churns amplipied to unheard of levels and drawn out over and over until your kidney bursts. Highly recommended high low fidelity stereo experiments in sound. Also available as another tape on E.F. Tapes in the USA. It is EF#71.