Negatron Found Sounds Series "Dad - Tape 4 "

Dad - Tape 4

Released: 2005

Genre: Found Sounds

Label: Negatron Heavy Industries

Catalog No: NFS-001

Melvin Frank was born in Chicago, Illinois on August 13th, 1913. While attending the University of Chicago, he joined up with fellow student and friend Norman Panama to start a fruitful career in comedy writing. He has written scores of material for comedies starring celebrities such as Bob Hope, Danny Kaye and Lucille Ball. His career progressed and he went on to produce and direct many successful films. He died in Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, California on October 13, 1988 at the age of 75. Melvin Frank himself made this recording about two weeks before his death on September 29th, 1988 while laid up in the hospital. This recording documents some of his last wishes and reveals accounts of his memories including the first time he saw a woman's pubic hair and other interesting sexual episodes. The recording on cassette tape was discovered in a junk store in Berkeley, California and invoked curiosity as it was titled "Dad - Tape 4".