Negatron Found Sounds Series "Found Sound Comp #1"

Found Sound Comp #1

Released: 2005

Genre: Found Sounds

Label: Negatron Heavy Industries

Catalog No: NFS-004

This recording is a compilation of various found sounds. The first track is from a cassette found in a thrift store in Ibaragi prefecture, Japan. It's a lighthearted document of a passage in English and then a Japanese girl attempting to recite the same story with but with a staccato voice and no emotion. Track two is from my old cassette based telephone answering machine. Nobody ever used to leave their name or number but I always know who called. The next track is entirely in Japanese and was recorded in Tokyo in September of 1994. During the hot and muggy season, most people open all the windows in the house to cool themselves down. This provided a unique opportunity to eavesdrop and record my neighbor's conversation with her husband about Zippo lighters. Evidently she's a collector and knows how to open the lighters properly (there's an improper way to open them, I guess). The husband grunts every once in awhile during the woman's spiel but is obviously bored to death. You can hear the sound of the Yamanote train line whizzing by in the background from time to time. The final track is was found when Napster was in its heyday on the Internet. Evidently, there is some widely available sound recording software which outputs to MP3 format with some sort of default file name. A lot of these files appeared to have been shared with the world by mistake via Napster. If you happened to know the file name, you sould search for these files and grab them. Most are trash like people testing out their microphones on their computers and whatnot but every once in a while you come across a gem like this one here. This is a terrible acapella rendition of the Frankie Valli classic "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You". Terrible recording and a terrible voice.