Xome is a harsh noise music project conceived and operated by Bob Scott. Xome first started experimenting with dissonant forms of music in 1989 but the first organized live performance in Tokyo in 1994 marks the true activation of the project. Now based in Sacramento, CA, Xome has evolved into a highly refined and extremely harsh noise music unit by means of improvised manipulation of sound generating and processing equipment.

Releases by Xome on Negatron

Separation Anxiety

"Separation Anxiety"
Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-031

Xome presents the world with an earful of reverse technology driven harsh dissonance that includes top shelf suppressed memory induced waves of cacophony. All species will agree that we can and will enjoy our place on our dot in the universe that we call home. Just to keep the audio production on the virtuous side, five narrated short stories are annexed to keep the listener happy as the day is long. more info

Xome / Stimbox split

"Xome / Stimbox split"
Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-030

13 tracks of unrelenting harsh noise perfection which is destined stick in your mind throughout your remaining days. The release alternates Xome & Stimbox tracks for extra gratifying hair raising action. Xome belts out quick cut up harsh detonations of ultra sonic cacophony as Stimbox materializes merciless pounding psychedelia. more info


Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-025

Harsh noise made good and fresh for you and your ears. Produced by Stimbox means that this disc will shake parts of your body you didn't even know you had. The first 15 copies had a special cover with a piece of some kind of animal fur cemented to it... but those are all gone. The rest of 'em still have the trademark harsh Xome sound but without the extra packaging. more info


Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-022

Well we've checked VCDs in a couple of DVD players and we have released this fun video footage of UFOs and live Xome footage shot in 1995 or so at Showboat, Kouenji, Tokyo. more info

23 minutes

"23 minutes"
Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-024

A video CD release of a couple of Xome things. The first part involves about 28 minutes of live video footage of a Xome show from January 1995 at Gear in Kouenji, Tokyo, Japan. Lots of noisy entertainment here. The second part is a video composed by Nanako Inayama of dori-dock, a Tokyo art/media duo. Xome did the sound part so expect some nice noise on this biotch. more info


Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-021

Harsh grinding noise to play real loud for people you know but don't want to know anymore. A great way to find out who your real friends are. Fresh and previously unreleased material. Peel out! more info


Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-012

This is a CDR release of a previosly released cassette. CDRs are more fun. See what it's like in a world full of busy salespeople and hear the sounds that they hear. Don't show your pastor this one. Wonderful yet oh so silly packaging with confusing toy suprises inside and harsh mucky-muck on the inside. A lot of fun. more info

Goodbye Yesterday and Hello Tomorrow

"Goodbye Yesterday and Hello Tomorrow"
Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-013

Harsh noise made to clean the Seoul of any jpop stars you may have accidentally listened to. Recommended by doctors big and small. more info


Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-014

This CDR guaranteed to bring your bowling scores to new heights.. or new lows depending on how you look at it. This CDR contains some rather x-rated slowish crunchy noise. more info

Live at Ikebukuro Cyber

"Live at Ikebukuro Cyber"
Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-015

A new CDR release of an old XOME show recorded 1995-08-10 at the glam rock epicenter in Tokyo. Many, many things were broken on purpose at this live performance. The sound is something that is still ringing in people's ears. more info

Blind Frencies and Pork

"Blind Frencies and Pork"
Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-016

Bea Tavvey would be proud. My mother even called me on this one. Approximately 90 minutes of sound textures and resonating harshness on a whopping 2 CDRs. This is a CDR release of the cassette released in 1995. There's even a track called "bonus track", which is a bonus track which all CDR re-releases of cassettes should have. more info


Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-005

After viewing this piece of magnetic media, you'll agree that old is, in fact, new, UFO's are here on this earth now and all humans have the birth given right to forget. Includes live footage from the 95.6.8 XOME show at Showbaot. Very fresh, enlightning, artsy and best of all...noisy. See video stills from the actual footage. more info


Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-008

See what it's like in a world full of busy salespeople and hear the sounds that they hear. Don't show your pastor this one. Wonderful yet oh so silly packaging with confusing toy suprises inside and harsh mucky-muck on the inside. A lot of fun. Yikes! The cassette is sold out but we do have a CD of this release. more info


Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-009

Your ears will pop out of your head when you hear this one. A blast of this and a blast of that...far better than a blast from the past. This consumer product will prove to you once and for all that you, too, have been abducted by extraterrestrial smart guys and they're still fucking with you. more info

Death Squad / Xome Split

"Death Squad / Xome Split"
Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-010

Jumpin Jesus on a pogo stick! All on one hour of magnetic tape, hear the unforgetable rage of noise from Death Squad from San Francisco, California with a rancid array of sounds and mentality from Xome. Limited to a mere 100 copies. Going fast. more info

TaVe 23.4

"TaVe 23.4"
Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-003

Top 40 smash "HIT" (So says the son of all mighty glug) Do this: Spat lick your good old fool master until the poor bastard spits and curls. This will make you think of Little Fat Boys. Whop! more info

roast chicken

"roast chicken"
Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-004

Wow! Parts and more parts. You'll want to move to a suburb after experiencing this piss-invoking substance. MMmmmm-good! A delectible choice of nice pork and green peas. #1 on WUNH in New Hampshire, USA for a whopping 2 weeks. Special Edition including EDM (Extended Disco Mixes) of all your favorites and no nude pictures of Mike Jackson. A new soft fuzzy case is also available with free toy suprises inside. more info

Cock E.S.P. / Xome Split

"Cock E.S.P. / Xome Split"
Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-006

This collaboration of sorts includes one fresh and fuzzy side by the fabled COCK E.S.P. from Minnesota, USA and one additional side by XOME, the up and coming, mostly coming, electronic noise outfit from Tokyo, Japan. The COCK E.S.P. side includes a mysterious adventure into pseudo-reality and broken equipment. Flip the tape over to find a couple of squeaks and churns amplipied to unheard of levels and drawn out over and over until your kidney bursts. Highly recommended high low fidelity stereo experiments in sound. Also available as another tape on E.F. Tapes in the USA. It is EF#71. more info

Dyslexis Coup / Xome Split

"Dyslexis Coup / Xome Split"
Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-007

A most intriguing venture with two of the world's most talked about dissonant sound artists. The D.C. side includes a strange and meaningful trip into the socially incorrect world of cacophony. When your head stops spinning, turn the tape over for another dose of harsh electronic screams and atonal detonations by the folks at XOME. A must for weird music freaks. Click on this to go to the Dyslexis Coup page. more info

Blind frenchies and pork

"Blind frenchies and pork"
Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-002

Just now available! The need persisted my sister yelled and here you have it. This one was recently under massive remix deconstruction in the figurative sense. Much gracias to everyone who became Bea Tavvey for this one. more info

face 23

"face 23"
Negatron Heavy Industries NEG-001

Slumped over crunchy lungs with a touch of tabasco. This is truly the pre-Brand Name(r) days of XOME. Just ask your local grocer. He will tell ya' the absolute truth concerning everything. more info